The last 72 hours of my life have been gut wrenching. There was no painless way to come to this decision.

The blog has been an amazing tool that has reached 16 million views. It has been used in a singular way to tackle the issues that most church leaders have been afraid to confront. It became a major ignition point for rallying the remnant of God in America.

That is one reason the devil hates it with extreme prejudice.

But, was it worth the brutal effort to research, write and post these messages? Yes, it was. Then it hit the wall of censorship and sabotage. That attack, plus the dizzying changes in technology, conspired to make me believe we might have to discontinue the blog.

But the real challenge I faced with the blog was the sudden outpouring of the Holy Spirit on Highway 99. The harvest is so great that it is consuming our time and, after all, aren’t souls what it is all about?

The deep question for me was how can I justify both the blog and the Living Proof Tent Crusades?

On top of that, when other avenues are open to me which carry far less resistance and complication, why put up with this firestorm?

It has been decades since I have had to pray, seek guidance, and search the Word of God with this much intensity. But my answer came in a strange way—a way that unraveled a mystery.

The attack on the blog was supernatural. It was sudden, and it came from all directions at once. I needed to step back, stop blogging, and see the whole picture. Please try to grasp the lesson to be learned from what I am presenting.

We often say, “If God is in it, it will be easy.” Imagine for a moment, what would occur if a general thought that way? All the enemy would have to do is put up fierce resistance and that general would retreat, looking for the easy victory.

One of the biggest reasons the church has lost ground in America is because Satan knows how to use this false axiom against us. That is why churches have moved out of cities and ministries are retreating from anything controversial. Suddenly, the church has circled the wagons and surrendered by default. They were not defeated, they just capitulated without firing a shot.

I couldn’t get past the fact that I need time to preach the Gospel. Then the voice of the One I trust said, “If America goes down, you will not be able to preach the Gospel.”

Then the second reality hit me from that divine voice, and I thought, “Why is the attack so fierce if the blog has lost its firepower? The enemy wants to hide the impact it is having.”

So, the bottom line is this: The blog will continue. But that does not mean I will just sit back and watch as the algorithm causes the numbers to dwindle. I fully intend to fight. I intend to deepen and intensify the content. But there is much more.

We will unleash an explosive attack on the devil, and his minions, on social media. We will learn ways around the algorithm. We will exploit the weaknesses in their censorship. We will fix it so that it will be easy for you to share the blog.

Prepare for renewed content that will be coming at you. Content that will enable us all to fight this culture war with all our might. For now, here is the news:

The Blog Continues―and we know that the enemy will be defeated!

One way that we are going to make sure the blog reaches everyone who wants to read it, is to post it where no one can shadow ban, censor, or change the number of reads. Be sure to check out our new website:

God bless you all!

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P.S. Volunteer this summer!

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Every week between now and August 8th something important and wonderful will happen on the streets of Sacramento. Our teams from Mario Murillo Ministries and Inner City Action are in the neighborhoods, and parks. We are handing out thousands of pounds of groceries door to door. We are leading souls to Jesus. We are praying for the sick to be healed. We are bringing hope to oppressed families.

We are stunned at the hunger of the people. They pray with us at their front door. Crowds form in the parks and listen to our unfiltered Gospel message. Volunteer, it will change your life. See why Highway 99 is a corridor of the Glory of God. Our training will reduce fear. You will surprise yourself by how bold you can really be. And how much joy comes from doing this. Do not wait.

Again, use this link to volunteer.